What does HVM specialize in?

HVM Specializes in a lot of things; we are a very broad spectrum & diverse company - making us your one stop shop!

We are involved in Motorcycle custom fabrication, engine building, electircal work, engine & suspension tuning, repair work, factory services, parts sales, accessories / add-ons, audio installs, computers, & many other miscellaneous services.

If you can think of it we can do it!


Is it true that you guys have an in-house dynamometer (dyno)?


We have the areas ONLY Factory Pro 'loaded' low inertia eddy current dyno!

Our tuners are some of the best in the business; we safely tune a wide range of naturally aspirated, forced induction, & nitrous oxide street & race motorcycles, ATVs, & cars!

Whether its just doing a few pulls on the dyno to see how much power your putting to the wheel, adding some safe ponies and fuel economy for the street, all the way up to custom tuning your bike to fit your needs on the race track - we have done it all!!

Don't let some inexperianced shop tune your very expensive engine - bring it to the pros!

Thinking about or have an exhaust installed on your bike? Don't think it is running safe - KNOW IT! Many factory bikes with aftermarket intakes and exhausts can run dangerously lean!

Bring it in and let us verify/tune a wide range of loads and RPMs with our dyno and gas analyzer. We will make sure you are making maximum power and that your engine is safe in our real world load simulated (as if you were going down the road or the race track) controlled environmeant.

Don't trust some canned tune or base map you downloaded off the internet to safely run your very expensive engine!

Yes, we will give you a printed out dyno graph!!


Why choose HVM over the competitor?

We believe in fair business practices and excellent customer service. We know that if we provide our customers with A+ service, great prices, and quality work that they will return to us. We understand that bad word travels faster then good, our goals reflect this fact. Our customers are the lifeblood of our livelihood; therefore we strive to exceed your expectations as much as possible.

Our staff is among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Our group as a whole is capable of extraordinary skills that set us apart from the rest. Each and every one of our employees posseses perfected skills in dozens of trades. We collabaratively work together to produce the best possible outcome for our customers. When a job is done at HVM it leaves right, nothing else is acceptable to us.


My bike means a lot to me; is it safe in your shop's posession?

Your bike is your baby! We know... Ours too!!!

We take pride in protecting your wheels, body/fairings, & paintwork from dings, dents, and even the most seemingly minute (to some) scratches! Unfortuneatly we know how careless some repair shops can be with your property (we have heard the stories!)...

We take that extra step to protect your motorcycle from any kind of damage; we look after and treat your vehicle as if it were our own.